Person or entity that owns shares or equity in a corporation. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
The owner of shares in a company. Shareholders supply what is known as the risk capital and share in the success of the company. If the company is a success and makes a profit, shareholders receive the rewards of increasing dividend income and capital gains on the price of their shares. If the company is a failure, shareholders stand to lose the whole of their investment.
Person who owns shares in a company. When a shareholder acquires shares in a company, he or she also acquires rights on that company, viz. to receive information from it, to attend its general meetings, and to receive dividends. NYSE Euronext Glossary

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shareholder share‧hold‧er [ˈʆeəˌhəʊldə ǁ ˈʆerˌhoʊldər] noun [countable]
especially BrE FINANCE someone who owns shares in a company; = STOCKHOLDER AmE:

• The bid was accepted by 90% of the shareholders.

• Dividends are paid to the shareholders each year if adequate profits are made.

• We are calling a shareholders' meeting.

• She is a 45% shareholder in the company.

Institutional shareholders (= financial organizations such as banks and insurance companies ) account for the great majority of shareholdings on the Stock Exchange.

conˌtrolling ˈshareholder also maˌjority ˈshareholder FINANCE
someone who owns more than half the shares in a company:

• The collapse of the company is a consequence of a lack of interest and investment by its controlling shareholder.

miˌnority ˈshareholder FINANCE
someone who owns less than half the shares in a company:

• The effect is to increase the stake of the minority shareholders from 20% to 45%.

ˌoutside ˈshareholder FINANCE
one of the minority shareholders in a company that is owned by another company that is the majority shareholder:

• With a flotation come outside shareholders and a proportionate loss of control.

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   An individual who holds shares or stock in an organization or company.

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shareholder UK US /ˈʃeəˌhəʊldər/ noun [C] (also stockholder) FINANCE, STOCK MARKET
a person or organization that owns shares in a company: »

Shareholders will be voting on the proposed merger of the companies next week.


Under the proposals, shareholders will receive a cash offer of between 245p and 255p a share.


It has not been demonstrated that good environmental and social practices create value for shareholders, but it is clear that bad ones can destroy it.

See also CONTROLLING SHAREHOLDER(Cf. ↑controlling shareholder), MINORITY SHAREHOLDER(Cf. ↑minority shareholder), OUTSIDE SHAREHOLDER(Cf. ↑outside shareholder)

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